Sunday, December 10, 2006

There's an AA meeting going on in my coffee house right now. This would normally be fine, but they happen to be sitting very close to me and I can hear every sanctimonious word. (I know, I know.) The problem comes when I leave. I have been known to have trouble keeping my mouth shut. Here's what I'm going to try so hard not to say to the group as I walk out: “Hi, my name's Hulles and I'm an alcoholic, Fuck it, let's all go drink beer at Costello's, I'm buying.”

It's a curse. I wonder if there's a Smartass Anonymous?

-- Hulles


Heart Of Darkness said...

I thought the AA were semi-confidential... ergo, not open to the general public. Not a smart move putting it on display, but then again, what do I know?


I'd love a Smartass Anonymous - although it would be a rather small group: smartasses knows best, and what do they need a support group for?!?!

Claire said...

If there isn't a SA in existence, I need to know why...I'm sure membership would be huge!


anne frasier said...

that's fucked up.

Hulles said...

Heart, I couldn't agree more about the privacy issue, see the next post. And thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the n men in your life, n being a small integer.

Claire, we need to start one. We'd rake in a gazillion in t-shirt sales alone.

Anne, if you're talking about my wanting to make a snide comment, ouch, no clean sweatshirt for you. If you're talking about the meeting, amen sister. And I hope you're back in town. I hate it when you're gone.

anne frasier said...

i'm talking about the AA meeting in the coffee shop. that would have really pissed off a curmudgeon like me. and then to end in prayer? (although i think that's part of the AA meeting.) excuse me? if i wanted to be subjected to prayer i would have gone to one of those places with the sharp, pointy things on the roof.

yes, i am back!

Hulles said...

Anne, glad you're back. I'm reinstating the promise of wearing a clean sweatshirt if and when we ever meet. Hell, I'll even wear my $80 underwear. And yeah, the meeting thing ended up grating on me too, as you might gather from the next post.

Ironically, at first I thought the AA gathering was a book club meeting.