Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just FYI, I made a couple tiny changes to buff up the "Splash..." entry, not that anyone cares. And I forgot to mention that I'm madly in love with Amanda Adams. I know I really don't need to actually say this but it's become a tradition of sorts.

And yes, I know Amanda has a husband, the article said so. That doesn't mean I can't be madly in love with her. Heather Harper also has a husband, and Kat and Lo (at least) have boyfriends, and I'm madly in love with all of them too. All that means is that I just have to be careful who I tell.

Late breaking news -- I just changed the title on the previous entry from "Splash My Bloody Arse" to "Meet My (Sort Of) Friend Amanda". The former title has bugged me since I stuck it on there. I love the phrase "my bloody arse" but I'm not a Brit and it sounds too aggressive for the tone of the post. So Bob's your bloody uncle and I changed it.

-- Hulles


teiadepalavras said...

Hulles,Bom dia!
Ainda bem que o amor é algo extenso e ilimitado... Podemos amar como alguém canta, como alguém escreve. Podemos amar coisas que vemos, ou a maneira como os outros criam. Podemos amar o bom sexo, um bom livro, ou um Cardhu, puro sem gelo. Podemos amar, os que nem direito conhecemos por transmitir ou sedimentar coisas que não percebemos. O amor nos torna vivos e capazes de fazer escolhas, de sonhar, de ter sentimentos seja eles negativos ou positivos... Estar enamorado, não pode ser exclusivo, pois o mundo está povoado de pessoas e coisas apaixonantes, apesar de tudo o que passamos e suportamos por exatamente amar!

Beijo do Brasil


Hulles said...

Casti, thank you, this is beautiful. Even the robot Babel Fish translation is beautiful, which I present here for those like me who do not read Portuguese:

Hulles, Good day! Still well that the love is something extensive and limitless... We can love as somebody sings, as somebody writes. We can love things that we see, or the way as the others create. We can love the good sex, a good book, or a Cardhu, pure without ice. We can love, the ones that nor right we know for transmitting or sedimenting things that we do not perceive. The love in them becomes livings creature and capable to make choices, to dream, to have feelings she is negative or positive they... To be enamored, cannot be exclusive, therefore the world is town of people and apaixonantes things, although everything what we pass and we support accurately for loving! Kiss of Brazil Casti

I think the translation has a poetry of its own, actually. A better way to say this is that what you wrote is so lovely the translator was unable to ruin it.

Just so you know, I am making fun of myself when I say that I'm madly in love with this person or that person, but when I say I'm madly in love with you it's completely true. I am not joking about that in the least.

And now I find out you're a single malt Scotch drinker. As if you needed to give me the coup de grace.

Kisses back at you, beautiful one. Thanks again.

La Espia T. said...

I think I lot my job. damn u babblefish

Lo said...

Aw, Hullesy! I'm madly in love with you as well- J means nothing to me, I promise.

Hulles said...

T., fear not, you'll always have gainful employment around the Hulles household. I have a whole long list of non-translation tasks. And BTW, of course I'm madly in love with you too, you just didn't make the blog entry because you don't currently have a boyfriend or husband besides me that I know about. Also BTW, Lo means nothing to me.

Lo, someone has taught you well. And BTW, La Espia T. means nothing to me.

You both made me smile today; thanks lots for that.