Friday, December 29, 2006

item: The mysterious and lovely Madame Sosotris, who strongly resembles Anne Frasier but is much mysteriouser, was kind enough to do a tarot card reading for yours truly. If you're curious you can find the reading here. I can't imagine that many people besides me would want to check it out, but I personally find it fascinating. I have been thinking about it lots. Thank you so much, Madame.

item: In a way I feel sort of bad about posting such a long entry about my kidney stone. I hope I made it interesting enough to read. I guess I feel a bit shy about exposing my plumbing adventures to the world, at least after the fact. I really liked the giant mouse thing though.

item: In yet another case of art imitating life, today I made my acting debut as a stalker in Chasing Windmills, the wonderful web video series that I always talk about. If you want to catch the episode, possibly more than one, I'll let you know when it/they air. My stage direction from Juan Antonio was “act creepy.” Gee, that was a stretch. I would have really had to struggle if he had said “don't act creepy.” Anyway, it was exciting and fun and interesting to watch those guys shoot video footage at the redundantly-named Nina's Coffee Cafe and at Common Good Books, that bookstore where the store manager gets ravished all the time. Lo, you'll like that one of the books I was holding in the bookstore sequence where I was “acting creepy” was Lolita by Nabokov. Just for you, baby. Hopefully it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. For that matter, hopefully I won't end up on the cutting room floor. Really really really fun, thanks lots, guys.

item: Ran into an old friend last night, name of Mary, gave her my blog address. Really good to see you, Mary, it's been a while. Thanks for asking after my brother. For everyone else who isn't Mary: I so want her.

item: Recently I was in Costello's Bar (“If we wanted people to come for the service, we would have opened a church.”) and had the guy next to me say, no shit: “You look much too intelligent to be in a bar like Costello's.” I actually choked on my beer at this. I immediately wanted to respond with about eight different comments, the first being “Everybody looks much too intelligent to be in a bar like Costello's!” But guess what I did. Yep. I smiled warmly and said “Thank you.” This must have encouraged him, however, because later he said that I “looked like a Lutheran pastor.” Get out! I'm not sure what the Lutheran church has been doing the last twenty years or so, but if I look like a pastor it must have really fallen on hard times, poor thing. At this comment I actually laughed out loud and said “Thanks, I think.” Yes, the guy next to me was an old gay man, but he was hitting on me so gently and sweetly that I couldn't help but like him. Besides, he has excellent taste. I am a sex dog.

item: Thanks to Missy for correcting my German, see comments. The entry now has a new title! My credibility is thus reestablished at the stroke of a laptop. I also changed "life imitating art" to "art imitating life," which is more accurate, if less sly.

Das ist alles.

-- Hulles


Missy said...

Hulles my dear, what the hell is Newzbitzen? As a student of the German language you have perplexed me. ;) If Newzbitzen is a genuine German word then please stop reading here.

Suggestion: neuigkeit = piece of news (the closest resemblence to bits of news I could muster) so you could use neuigkeiten for pieces of news. Nachricht = news report (Nachrichten = news reports)

Forgive the language lesson. I'm just trying to keep you credible. ;)

Jen said...

If you do end up on the cutting room floor, you'll be in good company with me! ;)

Hulles said...

Missy, thanks, I love learning new stuff. Newzbitzen was made up because there was a really cute young German couple sitting next to me as I was writing the post, and their language leaked over. And I wouldn't bother trying to keep me credible, I lost all pretense to that months ago.

Jen, that's just not right. If it were my vlog, I would always have a place for someone with perfect eyebrows.

anne frasier said...

madame calls herself a psychic, but didn't see the plip coming? pffft. no wonder she's free.

word ver: passed

Missy said...

Holy shit! I have my own label! Awesome cool. Heh Heh.

I'm not too worried about your credibility — I get a kick out of your posts despite it. ;) And I'm sure the German couple would be happy to know that you at least tried their language. Actually, you did quite well except that one word.

Wow! I sound pretentious — I'm not really. I just wanted some attention. LOL

Hulles said...

Anne, much like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects the plip. And if I had known Madame was free I would have tracked her down like a dog a long time ago. I love the word ver. Is that really true? Too funny!

Missy, if you want more attention, see the note on cleavage in the next post. Works every time. XO.

Cristina said...

Yes, I admit that we made a mistake in not re-casting Jen so that they wouldn't end up lost in an undeveloped plotline...

But I'm glad hulles was in.. and will be.. and I'm still rooting for some Jen.

Hulles said...

Yay! And I'm rooting for some Jen myself. Make of that what you will.