Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, it's still the holiday season, so I thought I'd create a blog entry that is pretty harmless, if not actually cheery. Although it will probably turn out to be “disturbing” before I'm done with it. But I hope not.

I've been listening to some good new music lately. This past autumn I asked my friend Jen to recommend some new tunes for me. She's about 22, I'd guess, and she and I have had some interesting conversations about music before. We both listen to the Current, a local listener-supported radio station that often plays alternative music.

Jen told me about “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah,” and made me promise to listen to them. So I did, and reported back. I told her I wasn't really in the mood for the music at the time, and that the singer sounded like a young David Byrne. The look on her face was incredibly expressive when I told her this. It said quite clearly, “Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have told him about the coolest music ever. It wasted both his time and mine. David Byrne! As if! The Talking Heads are antiques! He's probably into Myron Florin right now.” (I wasn't into Myron Florin, then, now or ever, by the way; her face lied.) Bless her though, Jen politely restricted her words to “Yeah, I suppose he does sound a little like David Byrne.” Hah. He sounds totally like David Byrne.

Well, she'll be happy to hear when I see her next that I am totally into “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah” right now. It just took a while is all. Their song, “Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)” is excellent, but the song I've been singing over and over to myself is “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood,” which is even better. Both songs are from their first album. Incidentally the links are to MP3s on the band's web site, so they should be legal and all that shit. Anyway, thanks lots Jen for turning me on to them.

The other tunage I've been listening to lately is Silversun Pickups. You can find their song Lazy Eye here. This is the song I've been rotating in my singing playlist with “Tidal Wave.” Many thanks go to J for introducing me to sspu. If you recall, he's the guy whose identity I briefly stole. It's nice to know I would have had excellent taste in music if I would have kept his identity. As well as excellent taste in photography and girlfriends, by the way. Muchas gracias, J.

So that's it for the music update. See, that wasn't so bad. No gratuitous gore and unrelenting violence in this entry. Unless of course I was to tell you the story of “Jimmy Finally Catches Something,” wherein little Jimmy the Werehamster happens upon a wounded baby robin that has fallen from its nest.... It's great. Feathers and blood everywhere. You'd love it.

-- Hulles


J said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying SSPU. Hope you had a nice holiday!

anne frasier said...

he does sound like david byrne.

Hulles said...

J, yeah, I'm listening to Lazy Eye right now as I type this. My holidays were fine; I hope your Christmas was a good one also.

Anne, yep. Completely like David Byrne. Hah. Thanks.