Friday, February 23, 2007

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This page is really a metaphoric mantle upon which I can display my trophies. People actually wrote these nice things without my asking them to. I intend to come back to this page whenever I need to remind myself why I write this web log.

I recently learned that this sort of thing is sometimes called BSP, for "blatant self-promotion." I've tried to make it slightly less blatant by not including this on my blog page per se.

Thank you so much, you who said these things.

-- Hulles

...a shining example of irreverent, innuendo-filled, satirical say nothing of his comely female readership....

I don’t usually tout a blog so soon after discovering them but this particular site deserves recognition. I’ve read quite a few of his posts, cause they’re so dang funny, and I encourage you to visit Hulles. If you are anything like me, you’ll love his “sardonic postmodern humor and dessert recipes."

- Missy, The Incurable Disease of Writing

The world is a slightly better place since the essence of what is known as "Hulles" is now being captured in words. "Hulles" can best be summed up as "I'm so funny I even make myself laugh", and I for one, am thankful for that and I look forward to reading the latest Hullisms everyday (except weekends and holidays).

- Jay, comment on I'll Buy The Reynolds Wrap

You make me laugh. Afterwards, I feel sort of dirty, but I'm learning to deal.

- Kristen, comment on Distant Thunder

-- Hulles