Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm very sorry about the lack of posts. I'm slacking. Dropping the ball. Not holding up my end. Letting the team down. Etc. etc.

Well, every team has someone on it like me who means well but just doesn't deliver.

Just be glad I don't work with you.

The reality is that I have about five entries in progress but the cold weather here (-2° F. as I write this and dropping) makes my brain sluggisher and my grammar badder and my attention span how about that Superbowl, eh? Glad we finally got to see Janet Jackson's other breast. What? Oh yeah. Posts.

I think this weather is some sort of revenge for me letting the mouse freeze. Instant karma sucks.

So please bear with me for a bit. I should finish at least one of the posts tomorrow. Really. I mailed the check yesterday you should have received it already but if not today then tomorrow for sure. What?

Fuck this, I'm moving to Brazil where I can blog in a Speedo. Except on Wednesdays, heh heh....

-- Hulles


Stephen Blackmoore said...

"...I can blog in a Speedo."

Don't. Just... just don't.

Jen said...

Don't worry, Mr. Blackmoore. He won't wear it on Wednesdays.

Hulles said...

Jen, thanks for making me laugh out loud so hard the other r-n Nina's patrons think I'm even crazier than I am. I really enjoyed your response and of course you delivered it perfectly. XO.

Jen said...

My pleasure. :)