Friday, February 23, 2007

thing 1: Since some of you are so fascinated with my hot young friend Jen, you can see her in an episode of Chasing Windmills called "Random Events" if you are so inclined. She's Sofia (?), who may or may not be imaginary. And she is much more engaging in person than on film if you wonder.

This way I can also pimp Chasing Windmills yet again, which I would make mandatory viewing for everyone if I could (at least one episode anyway). CW is a serialized story; short episodes in this story appear almost daily and there are several threads going on as we speak. Part of Jen's and my conversation the other night was about how amazing it is that Cristina and Jadelr can keep producing such brilliant work day in and day out all by themselves. And if you wonder, my character the stalker is apparently still in the lawyer's office flirting with the attractive receptionist and has been for a couple weeks now. Hopefully he'll get laid soon. In other words I haven't appeared in any episodes for some time (that I'm aware of anyway). This is fine because I'm still trying to shake the stalker stigma from the first time. If they ever have me on CW again I'm going to blackmail Cristina into casting me as the sex dog I am. But knowing Jadelr it will end up being an Andalusian sex dog. (If you understand that allusion you get 5 Hulles Obscure Yet Satisfying Reference-Getting Stars and the use of a special reserved parking stall at the Hulles blog for a month.) (And P. S. Cristina is my kid if you're new to these parts and she totally rocks besides being very good at what she does.)

thing 2
: My friend LaCosta (Lollie) has posted a very interesting and articulate post cleverly called "D'Answers" (which I just noticed) that is sort of a response to my ballet posts recently. If you had any interest in what I talked about (or thought my shit sucked and would like to know the real scoop about dance) then pop on over. It is an extremely well-written piece (except where she calls me "a utter fathead when it comes to dance" and "an abysmally ignorant and insufferable ass who should never be allowed to blog, how do I contact the proper authorities?") (although when she says it it has sort of a nice ring, I have to admit). She even changed her bloomers for the occasion, so stop on by and say hi and learn more about the world of dance. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, she's a former principal dancer with the Oakland Ballet. Guess who's madly in love with her.

thing 3: The observant among you will notice that there is another post under this one called Trophy Mantle. This is just a place where I can store some nice things that people have said about me, or more precisely, about my writing. As I say in Mantle, I intend to visit it often (from the link off my blog page) for support when I need it. It actually has other uses as well. I want a place where I can send would-be buyers of my stuff to make them feel like they're not stupid dorks for liking my stuff; other people besides them have said they do too. This is important so that the would-be buyer doesn't have to fear that his other buddies will make fun of him on the golf course for being the only one who would ever think Hulles was the least bit funny and what was he thinking paying good money for that tripe, was he high at the time? I want that good money, you see. Need it would be a better description, but that's a subject for a blog I no longer write.

thing 4: Kristen Painter was nice enough to leave what I thought was a hilariously funny comment on Distant Thunder, one that I will clutch to my manly bosom and cherish forever: "You make me laugh. Afterwards, I feel sort of dirty, but I'm learning to deal." I love that, and immediately added the comment to Trophy Mantle which in turn prompted me to post it, see thing 3 above. However, her reward for this gift is that I am about to tease her unmercifully. No good deed goes unpunished, as a wise man once said.

Because damn, when her little picture shows up in my comments it makes me want to take a quick shower, spritz on some Bulgari cologne, don a natty silk tie, and say "Why hello, Ms. Painter, how nice of you to drop by! Perhaps you'd care to step outside and partake of some evening air." Even if it's noon I think this. I'm incorrigible. (I know, I know, she's probably another 400-pound truck driver that lives in Jersey next door to Casti. They probably go cow-tipping together, or whatever it is large male truck drivers do for giggles in New Jersey.) (And Donna Natti silk tie? Ms. Lauth, are you listening?) (Okay, I'm done with the parenthetical comments.) (For now.)


There were to be more small things but just keeping track of the volley of comments today has proven to be a time-consuming task in and of itself. One that I enjoy immensely I might add. But out of time, so sayonara and have a good weekend. Maybe I'll see you around.

-- Hulles


kat said...

whoa. i always thought my profile photo was missing *something*, but have just now realized that the something is liquid sex oozing from its every pore.

Kristen Painter said...

I've always wanted my own label. I just always thought it would be on high heels, handbags and deliciously wicked underthings. But this is cool, too.

Rock on, my fine, funny friend. Rock on.

(Further proof of my un-truckerness is now posted on my blog. As you were.)

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Thanks for the shout out Hulles, part two is posted. Have at it...

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Just viewed some Chasing Windmills. Nice. I wouldn't call you a particularly creepy stalker though. More of a stealthy tracker. Suite 225? That's one of our favourite restaurants in Lake Worth. Another coincidence? Mansfield Park is my favourite movie (and soundtrack).

Hulles said...

kat, your profile photo is lacking nothing, trust me. we just need to see more of your pores is all.

Kristen, glad you can appreciate all this. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you (at least sort of), and for once I'm being serious. I'll hit your blog in a bit.

Lollie, I hope to get to you as well - part two that is. I really did stand in Suite 225 and flirt with the receptionist for about 10 minutes or so until Jadelr dragged me out kicking and screaming. Where's Lake Worth?

I haven't seen Mansfield Park the movie, but I've read Mansfield Park the book about a hundred times. I guess we're destined for each other.

Hulles said...

Kristen, just back from your blog. You rock the house. Thanks.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Okay - you're freaking me out now. I just read your newest post (will comment there in a mo) and I got to the para with the Jackass movie mention. Guess what I'm watching on TV? Jackass! Maybe we are made for each other...

Lake Worth is in Florida just north of where I live. And you must watch Mansfield Park - on second thought, maybe you shouldn't since you are so tight with the novel. It may be ruinous for you. Maybe just listen to the music?

Hulles said...

You are my density, to quote Crispin Glover in Back to the Future. I'll find the music somewhere in the meantime, but I'll wait to watch the movie with you. Haven't made it to your blog yet but I will, I'm behind from being snowed in this weekend. XO.