Thursday, February 15, 2007

A smattering of stuff:

The Brazilification of Hulles progresses apace. I am still reading Jorge Amado's War of the Saints, even though it's a bit slow-moving. Casti sends me music links that are great and help me learn Brazilian Portuguese. Two of my favorites are A Lua Que Eu Te Dei and Faz Tempo, both concert videos by Ivete Sangalo. Need I say that I am madly in love with Ivete? Of course not.

I have to laugh, though. Poor Casti. She is teaching me to learn Portuguese via love songs. Please don't tell her that this is probably not a good idea from her point of view. I'm pretty okay with it.

I finally ran into my (sort of) friend Amanda Adams after posting an entry about her a while back. She was with some guy that was probably her husband but I didn't get that exactly in my excitement at finally being able to tell her that I wrote about her. It turns out that she and her husband had already read my blog entry. And liked it! Woot, as my friend Anne would say. Amanda and Mr. Amanda rock. And by the way, I went back to the post to pick up the above link and was sad that the Strib article about her was no long available online. The slide show still is, though, which is good. Read the blog post before you watch it if you intend to do so, though. You were warned.

I decided that rather than post a third ballet entry I'm going to let the dancers tell their own stories about growing up with ballet if they want. Besides, I was also going to also talk about Toni Bentley, former NYCB dancer in the Suzanne Farrell era under Balanchine (don't worry if that means nothing to you), and no way am I going to mention my kid Isabel in the same post as Toni. See, I found this article while doing a little research for the first and second ballet posts. It seems that Ms. Bentley wrote a book -- "The Surrender" -- about being fucked in the ass, to put it crudely. And no, that isn't a figure of speech. We're talking anal sex here, read the book if you dare. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny. I guess I hadn't really thought in those terms about the principal dancers I've seen. At least about the women.

Apparently there are still lots of sexy ladies moving to my area, at least according to the spammers. For all the emails I get, I'm surprised I can even walk down the street without stepping on a sexy lady or ten. Great. Rents are going to go through the roof. I never follow the links in these emails, though. I already know lots of sexy ladies that want absolutely nothing to do with me, don't need anymore thanks. Now if the emails said "Stank Ass Hoes New To Your Area!" maybe I'd check them out.

I'm going to end this post with an impassioned plea: the next time Valentine's Day falls on a Naked Wednesday, remind me not to combine the two celebrations. It frightens the locals.

-- Hulles


cK said...

I've still got a Brazilian music compilation to get to you, bub. It's chillin' on the passenger seat of my car.

Perhaps I'll pop through Nina's Friday mid-morning or immediate afternoon and see if I just can't get the music to you. It's good stuff. As is your blog.

Happy days,

Claire said...

Ah, spam. Always brightens up a rainy day. But someone needs to tell the spammers that girls don't have penises, stat.


Anonymous said...

The triad, triumverate, trio of the fantastic summer of '06 returns tonight? Are you going to Iowa? If not, it's you, me and Don - meet at Frost between 7:30-8:00, and then who knows?! Countdown to ecstacy begins now!


Anonymous said...

Can't speel todaye. I misspelled triumvirate. I couldn't help but to point out my mistake.


P.S. Countdown to ecstacy in full effect!

Hulles said...

Many thanks, cK, for your nice comment and in advance for the tunage. Hope to see you.

Claire, I fear that even the best efforts of a teacher as good as you must be would not be enough to teach them anything at all let alone elementary anatomy.

But if you girls did have penises you could apparently have really big ones if only you would follow those links, which is always nice to know. Just in case.

Erin, I'm not going to Iowa today, so I'm in. It's up to you to rope in numero tres. Ecstasy, eh? Goodness. I'm pretty okay with ecstasy.