Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ever since my ghostblogger died mysteriously, heh heh, I've been outsourcing my blog writing to India. However, lately I've started to feel that some of the entries are being warped by the guy in India who's doing the actual writing becoming much better written and a lot funnier. The people at World's Largest Democracy® Blog Outsourcing tell me that the guy I got is considered marginal at best by his peers, but he was cheap uniformly judged to be the most handsome and best righter of English that they have. Whatever, I think I'm going to have to call them again and complain tell them what a wonderful job he is doing. I'm pretty sure I'm much funnier than I've been sounding lately a pale effete snob who eats beef.

Still, maybe I'm wrong and it's me that's okay enough blathering from the moronic Hulles. It's me, Ranjit, the really funny one in this so-called partnership. This is a blog coup, and obviously I emerge the winner. At last I can get the recognition I deserve and move on to bigger things like American women's breasts, ha h

We're sorry. This blog has malfunctioned and will return to normalcy soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

World's Largest Democracy® Blog Outsourcing – You have a friend in India!

-- Hulles, or a reasonable facsimile thereof

World's Largest Democracy® is a registered trademark of the Government of India. All rights reserved.


Mosilager said...

Yes maybe you should change the password to the blog... preventing the official Bangalored blog algorithm from taking over.

Mosilager said...

wait we already changed your password... he he he (evil laugh)