Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sigh. Another day spent catching up on all of your blogs and not doing anything on mine. Well, except this. I really want to get this out before I lose it. The thought, that is, not it. I lost it a long time ago.

The women with whom I've become acquainted since I started blogging – you, quite likely – have totally spoiled me for meeting anyone in the flesh. You have an obvious mastery of the English language (or Portuguese, in some cases), you do interesting things, think interesting things, and write interesting things. How is any real woman supposed to compete with that? Can't be done. So these days I end up snarling a lot at the lesser folk I meet just out of frustration. I know I'm being elitist, judgmental etc. etc., but I'm spoiled, as I say. And it's your fault. And I wouldn't have it any other way. So thanks.

Sort of.

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teiadepalavras said...

Hulles, primeiramente vim agradecer sua visita no meu pequeno espaço virtual. Em segundo lugar, de certa forma todos somos realmente seletivos e garimpamos(existe uma ânsia por novidades) o que as pessoas tem para nos dizer, logicamente sem perder nenhum detalhe, pois para aprender não existe época e isso é maravilhoso!!!

Beijo do Brasil/SP
Good morning!!!


Bom dia!!!!!