Sunday, November 05, 2006

I've been meaning to write this entry for a long time. The reason I haven't until now is that the subject of the article, Casti, won't be able to read it. She is Brazilian and speaks no English, is why. The reason I'm writing about her now is that she just sent me the cutest damn email and I can no longer resist talking about her.

Just so you know, the intent of this entry is twofold: one, just to say how much I like Casti and how intiguing I find her, and two, to reflect on some unusual aspects of Internet communication.

As far as liking Casti, it will come as a surprise to no one that I'm madly in love with her. I think I stumbled across her blog (Teia de Palavras, in the sidebar) by accident some time ago, and I have gone back daily ever since. The reason I return every day is to see her latest web log entries, of course, but I can't read Portuguese to save my life or hers; I go to her blog site just to see what new images she's posted. I really enjoy her taste in pictures. They all seem interesting to me somehow, more than most photos. Of course, it doesn't hurt that in her little picture she looks gorgeous. But it's really about her images; they are nearly always sort of dreamily erotic and never cease to fascinate me. It's become a treat to view these photos and have no idea whatsoever why she included them or what she says about them. But I can imagine, and that's not a bad thing in itself.

She and I have corresponded occasionally, and it's always hilarious. This is not intentional on either of our parts. It is due to the computer translator that we both have to end up using. The reason I have been reluctant to post an entry about her until now is that she'll crank it through Google and it will come out in Portuguese like I'm either stalking her or making fun of her, and of course I'm doing neither. But Google or Babelfish or whatever engine she uses won't care a bit.

For instance, my saying that I'm madly in love with her will come out in Portuguese via Babelfish sounding something like “I lust her in an insane fashion.” This does not cut the mustard with me at all (although it may be true as well, come to think about it). I would include here some actual examples of our correspondence to date, but they're private, damn it, so just use your imagination. Suffice it to say that they are impossible to make sense of. Generally, however, it is possible to get the intent of the sender, if not the literal meaning. And Casti rocks, as far as I'm concerned.

She doesn't actually take the photos herself that she includes on her web site, but she does write what I take to be poems and comments to go with them. Imagine my excitement today when I could actually read a poem she wrote! My Spanish is just good enough, and the Portuguese in the poem was just close enough to Spanish, that I was able to (mostly) translate the poem for myself. I was pretty pleased with my newfound ability and I really enjoyed the poem in the bargain. So of course I had to leave her a comment – in English -- on her blog. The comment was,

I still stop by every day. And I enjoyed your poem! I must be learning! Big hugs to you always, beautiful one.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Google translated this into Portuguese as:

I continue ceasing for each day. And I had pleasure with your poem in the past! I must be educating! Large arms to you continually, attractive unit.

Here is the adorable email she sent me in response:


I am always happy with its presence and its incentive, debtor, it always comes back. Very Good your Spaces...

Sorry my google translate...


Casti Brazil

I really like the “Kisses” part, of course. I hope that made it through relatively intact, at least. So now you know why I'm crazy about a woman I've never seen and never talked with and probably will never directly communicate with. This seems to be a unique opportunity of our World Wide Web age, and I'm for it. It's even more bizarre than chatting or instant messaging, because we can't exchange any words at all. I've come to like and respect her just for her taste in the images she chooses to post. Weird.

You can probably also see why I've been reluctant to write a post like this. Casti will recognize the above email she sent me and think I'm making fun of her. If any of you speak Portuguese, will you please tell her I'm not? That this is meant to reflect my affection for her, rather than deride her? I'd appreciate it tons.

And kisses back at you, Casti. I'm glad you're out there.

-- Hulles


Anonymous said...

this is cute. keep me posted on what happens with you two?

La Espia T. said...

Thanks for introducing us to her. I speak/am learning portugues and it was amazing to not only find a portugues blog but an incredibly beautiful one like Casti's. She has fabulous taste in photographs and really great poetry.

Hulles said...

bee, there really isn't a lot that can happen with us two, other than for me to keep adoring her from afar. and la espia t., i'm glad you agree with me. she certainly does have fabulous taste. thanks for stopping by.

teiadepalavras said...

Hulles, novamente agradeço pelas palavras de apoio e que certamente me servirão de estímulo para continuar as poesias e textos interligados com as fotos. Será sempre bem vindo, sendo mais um amigo interligado nessa teia digital.

Beijos do Brasil


teiadepalavras said...

Hulles, aproveitando seu espaço: Um beijão La espia T!!!!!


Hulles said...

Dang. Two little Casti pictures. I'm blessed. Beijos do Sao Paulo (Minnesota).