Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I had intended to post this earlier. I figure I'm entitled to one “proud parent” photo per year. Except that this is Diego, the son of my oldest stepkid Isabel, so that makes it a “proud grandparent” photo, in effect if not in fact. The caption furnished by Isabel was, “Diego and Nazarena, 'Trick or Treating'. El vampiro (con colmillos!)” I had to find out what the hell colmillos are; Babelfish tells me they are “eyeteeth”, but I suspect a better translation might be “fangs.”

And I feel vaguely guilty about the title of this post. It certainly is not a title of the first water. Sometimes I think the name of my web log should be “Hackneyed Titles 'R Us”. (Sigh....)



Anonymous said...

hey - we do what we can, right? it's tough thinking of new titles day after day.

so, catch me up on the situation. are you married? or just pining after certain latina internet ladies? :P

i haven't had a chance to read your archives yet to figure that out.

regardless, diego and his girl friend are adorable.

Dulcinea said...

Yay, Diegis! Isn't he beautiful?

(And, bee, no.. hulles isn't married. Why? You up for it? He's quite the catch.)

Hulles said...

Bee, lucky you, I'm currently between wives. Tell met he has competition, heh heh. And yes, I confess to pining after certain Latina internet ladies; one of them posted a comment earlier. Hopefully I can see her soon. And Casti. And the recently-added la Espia T. But they mean nothing to me, in my life there is only you. Dulcinea, same to you.