Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As I have perhaps mentioned before, our hometown prodigy Garrison Keillor has recently opened a bookstore in Saint Paul in the Blair Arcade. The name of the store is "Common Good Books."

In the interest of supporting local bookstores -- to be more precise, in my excitement at once more having a local bookstore -- I am passing along the following item:

This Saturday, the 18th, Common Good Books is having an open house in the Blair Arcade from noon to five. There will be a string quartet, soup, tea and a chance to meet the prop. himself (warning: he's a big fucker, the Shaquille O'Neal of the literati as it were).

So stop by if you're a Twin Citian. Maybe I'll see you there. And Garrison, if you google yourself and / or your bookstore, I'm a good writer (said in my best plaintive Dustin Hoffman Rainman voice).

-- Hulles


anne frasier said...

damn. won't be able to make it to that, but i hope to check out the new bookstore as soon as i'm finished my current project.

Lo said...

Well, that sounds downright enjoyable. I'll try to make it.

Hulles said...

Anne, sorry you won't be there, and Lo, perhaps we'll run into each other. I would like that. I look like the picture to the side, except bigger and without the growth on the left side of my face (unfortunately). And my beard is really fuzzy right now; it needs a trim.