Friday, October 13, 2006

Well, it’s back to the bars, at least in this blog. The bar my chum Unca Don and I were sitting in a while back was on Selby Avenue in Saint Paul, called Chang O’Hara’s. It is now defunct, but not because Don and I were slacking as patrons.

We were being our usual charmingly eccentric selves, laughing at things no one else thinks are funny at all, when our friend Ferbs walked in. As he was about to plunk down on the corner bar stool, we solemnly informed him that he was about to sit in The Seat Of Pleasure And Of Pain. He just looked at us blankly and sat down anyway.

The rest of the evening we would periodically ask him, “Ferbs, how’s the Pain?”

“You know, I’m kind of enjoying it,” he would reply.

“Ferbs, how’s the Pleasure?”

“Actually, it’s starting to hurt,” Ferbs would answer.

Based on this interrogation, Unca Don and I determined that The Seat of Pleasure And Of Pain was in need of some adjustment. Maybe it needed to have its chakras prodded or something. We were certainly disappointed with the Ferbs trial.

Chang O’Hara’s management doggedly refused to fix it. They just looked at us like we were nuts when we complained. “What the hell are you talking about?” was, I believe, the typical response.

No wonder they’re defunct.

- Hulles

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