Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was looking for something else entirely on the Internet today and serendipitously found a CBBC article entitled “Woman’s Tongue Stud Hit by Lightening.” The opening paragraphs of the story:

“A woman is lucky to be alive after the metal stud in her tongue was hit by lightning.

“Becky Nyang, 26, went temporarily blind, she couldn't talk and she was badly blistered by the bolt of electricity that surged through her body via the piercing.”

Son of a bitch. Poor Becky may have stumbled onto something, however. The effects of the lightning strike sound a lot like the aftermath of having sex with Hulles. God may be putting me out of a job if this sort of thing continues.

To end on a cautionary note: you might want to rethink that genital piercing you wanted so badly. For my part, I intend to attach a ground wire to my cock ring come the next electrical storm.

- Hulles

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