Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to crank out a real post today, but fellow Ladonian Kat Blackthorne created a Happy Equinox Egg for your viewing pleasure.

I really like the little Equinox Egg a lot. And the photo is so Truffaut!

-- Hulles


LaCosta (Lollie) said...

I don't know...draw two hands on either side of the egg on the carton and I'm feeling Kilroy.

Casti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cK said...

Where were you? We waited and waited. And then my car got hit. I didn't cry. I held it together...just...barely.

Jen said...

Love the new pic!

Heather Harper said...

Wow, Hulles. Love the new pic.

Really, I do. :)

Kelly Parra said...

I like both photos, Hulles! Yours and the egg, haha. :)

Cantwell Kurdy said...

It's hard to tell them apart.

On balance I think I prefer the egg.

Casti said...

Hulles, uma caixa de ovos com nenhum quebrado já é ótimo! Um ovo feliz, melhor ainda!!!


Good day!

Well, muito bom o novo visual.

Hulles said...

Lollie, yes, Kilroyesque, but still I think the little guy is sort of cute plus I like the idea that someone would bother to do that at all.

cK, we'll have to talk apparently. Sorry you waited and sorry about your car!

Jen, thanks. It's a frame from the first CW I was in taking place in the bookstore.

Heather, thanks lots!

Kelly, thank you on behalf of us both.

Ah, the elusive Ms. Kurdy. I still want you to send me an email at the address in my bio. And I'm not sure if I should be insulted by your comment, but I'm not. Much. (Sniff.)

Casti, obrigado e bom dia. e o ovo feliz é uma imagem alegre. Infelizmente seus irmãos e irmãs não são assim felizes. Beijos grandes, Hulles.

cK said...

It's Friday, 3:00 pm. Unca Don and I are at Frost. Where are you, fool!?

Kristen Painter said...

Eggs are nature's perfect food. And up until this point, faceless.

Hulles said...

cK, fool is in the redundantly-named Nina's Coffee Cafe gazing at Kristen Painter's little picture and sighing...what?

Why Ms. Painter, how nice to see you! But I think it's time you realized that a baby chicken's heartbeat can be detected at three days; though they may seem faceless to you, they have individual personalities and the potential chickens that they represent are far more precious than the scambled eggs with scallions and crumbled bacon that I would fix you for breakfast if you would only stop by for a weekend sex romp.

My my, that certainly ended differently than it started, didn't it? XO.

Kristen Painter said...

LOL - you're so silly. Must be why I keep coming back.

Merlin said...

And to think that just 2 days ago he traded you in for a trip to Kabul.

How fickle men are.


Jen said...

I've never been traded. :-)

Hulles said...

Kristen, I'm glad you keep coming back.

Merlin, that simply isn't true. It was three days ago.

Jen, correct, although I'm still waiting for Stephen Blackmoore's offer.... Kidding. XO.

Merlin said...

Hi Hulles,

Just so that nobody feels left out and to keep the peace amongst the many women in your life (who clearly have exceptionally good taste in men) I'll swap you Jen for a week in Beirut (all expenses paid except your bar bill).

Now there's an offer you can't refuse.

Best Wishes,


Hulles said...

Hi Merlin,

You're right on target with your good taste comment. However, I'm afraid I have to decline your Jen offer for a couple of reasons: one, perfect eyebrows and great boobs (hers, not mine) certainly warrant your picking up the teensy weensy little bar tab I would run up, and two, if I accepted it she'd kick my ass into next Wednesday. And she knows where I live.

Best regards,

Merlin said...


It's ok ; I understand.

It's just that she sounded so plaintive about the "never been traded" bit that I thought I'd better offer just to keep you out of trouble and give you the chance to redeem yourself.

Having said that "having your ass kicked into next Wednesday" by a woman with great boobs might have it's positive side.



Jen said...

Actually, I believe you misunderstood my comment, Merlin. I was quite proud of the fact that I've never been traded. I was, after all, the first woman with a saucy nature to comment on this blog, and yet, I still endure. Also, you forgot to mention what would be in it for me. Hulles gets a trip to Beirut. What the hell do I get?

Hulles, you and I have already discussed this at length (in person, no less). So you already know my feelings on the topic. And you're right. I would totally kick your ass into next Wednesday if you even dreamed of such a trade.

Merlin said...


I have, indeed, misunderstood your comment : my apologies.

Your endurance is a tribute to your forgiving nature - I hope.


La Espia T. said...

As I consider myself quite saucy, I would have to say that I beat you on the commenting first there, Jen. However, as Hulles did not show at the wrap party you are the only one he knows is real. I remain p.r.

Alas, the game is yours.

Hulles said...

Merlin, see? I am a highly-trained Jen handler and can't really delegate the responsibility.

Jen, no worries. I'm keeping you.

La Espia T., absolutely right, you were saucy here first. And big apologies for the no-show at the party, bad things going on in my body. Everything's fine now, though. And I very much look forward to switching you to "r."

Jen said...

Yes, well, I will concede that technically T was first; however, I'm the one who commenced the trend of vixen-like behavior 'round these parts. And that is really what I was taking credit for.

"Jen handler," Hulles? Really? I don't recall being "handled" by you... And you're damn right you're keeping me!

Merlin, apology accepted. Apparently I am forgiving. Who knew?

Hulles said...

Merlin, I'm doing you a favor and perhaps saving your very life. You owe me.

Merlin said...


Thank-you. I promise to behave better in future. (Believe that and you'll believe anything).


I owe you although I doubt whether my life was ever seriously at risk given that it's a long way from St. Pauls's to Cardiff and she doesn't know where I live.