Friday, March 02, 2007

Sorry you missed the Bisontennial celebration; a good time was had by all. Well, by me anyway. Hopefully by everyone else as well.

I know you're dying to know, so here it is: I didn't get laid. Where I expected to be weapons-free in a popsy-rich environment, the truth of the matter was that we revelers pretty much had the place to ourselves due to the massive snow storm last night. You could swing a morris dancer in the bar we were in and not hit a soul. As a result, no ROTFF for the Puppy D'Amour. Sigh.

There was a creepy old white guy at the other end of the bar from us, however. I thought about asking him for a hand job but hey, I can get that at home.

So the sex helmet is back on its hook in the closet without any additional gold "P"s painted on the side, the monogrammed tooth dam is carefully folded and put back in the drawer, and no one will admit to knowing what happened to the pail of guac. I shudder to think about it. I hope I wasn't doing my Farrah Fawcett art project imitation again.

Of course the morris dancers didn't show either due to the snow. Double sigh.

cK took some photos last night; it's all a little hazy but if the pix are from the part of the evening when I still had my clothes on I might even post a couple if he'll let me. We'll see.

I'll let you know when the next adventure is scheduled and maybe you can all make that one. And if you absolutely can't wait, come grab me at the redundantly-named Nina's Coffee Cafe and we'll practice. Bring warm money.

Late-breaking news: if you want, go visit jeNC17 for her take on the evening. The guy she's talking about is the guy who didn't give me a hand job. Thank God. He probably stole my guacamole though, the rat.

-- Hulles


Lollie said...

Maybe you should do a biannual Bisontennial. This way it would be warm outside, scads of people would show, leaving you much better odds of getting laid.

Jen said...

If they're afraid of a little snow, they aren't worth it anyway. But I'm all for another excuse to go out drinkin'.

I'm disappointed. No mention of my beautifully pedicured feet. ;)

Hulles said...

Lollie, good idea. Will you come?

Jen, any time. How about tonight? And if I mentioned every beautiful part of you, I would still be writing the blog entry and when I finished and posted it, all kinds of strange men would be slavering after you. As it is, I can have the field to myself. Hulles, the White Slaverer. Jeez, I kind of like that.

cK said...

A good time was had by all, even by the creepy guy...though good thing his good times with us were limited to his strange request to take our picture with our camera for our use (then later noting that he'd have copies made, or something like that).

I'm assuming the creepy guy you mentioned was not me, of course. I'm assuming he was the guy who said, cheerfully, "What are you drinking, Mexican?"


Sassmaster said...

I'm sorry I missed it. Stupid lack of transportation. I cried myself to sleep for the lack of you. Sigh.

anne frasier said...

what i tried to say yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me:


and somethong

haha! thong!

and someTHING about the weather not being fit for man or sex dog.

Jen said...

Tonight I have the distinct displeasure (I love alliteration!) of going bathing suit shopping. Ugh. But drinks again soon...

Hulles said...

cK, yeah I was talking about the creepy guy that wasn't us. "Whatcha drinkin' Mexican?" rotflmao. Can't believe I did that. Didn't hurt a bit, either...

Sassmaster, your day will come. Then you can cry yourself to sleep because you went!

Anne, I know the effect I have on you, admit it: 'somethong' was no accident. I really really really like the weather comment. Wish I'd thought of it. Although I did come up with "Thong Of The South" for a blog title a while ago...

Jen, good luck BSuit shopping. Yep, drinks again soon as you can.

Love y'all --

The White Slaverer

mutters: I can believe she said not 'fit for man or sex dog'...wonder if she'll notice when I steal it....

Jen said...

Awww! Thanks for the link. And might I mention that same guy also commented on my "milky white breasts."

Anonymous said...

I'm drinking a Mexican Windbreaker!

The Mexican

I guess all that speaking Spanish at work is starting to not only pay off in my professional life, but also in my life where I encounter creepy white guys!


Hulles said...

Oops: meant "can't believe" in my earlier comment.

Jen, welcome, ditto. I know; I really wanted to kick his ass for that. Good thing he left after; he must be a mind reader.

Erin, I think you filled your creepy white guy quota when you met me. And Unca Don, for that matter.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

You know what? I would come. Sounds like a fine time.

Hulles said...

Lolllie, you're on. Any thoughts on when a good time would be?