Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Abner Kornfuehrer of Hastings, Minnesota writes:

I am an avid fan of your blog. Why aren't you posting as many blog entries lately? I miss your wry humorosity and sardonicalness and all that kind of stuff.

Abner, thanks lots. I'm currently working on another writing project called (so far) "The Other Keys," and it's sucking up a lot of the time I normally set aside for blogging. During this temporary time of fewer posts I've been thinking about resurrecting some old blog entries that seem funny to me and reposting them -- in other words, airing reruns. Unfortunately none of the old blog entries seem funny to me. I might still do it anyway.

Lots of people do stuff like "Cute Cat Picture Wednesday." One of the disadvantages of being a curmudgeon crushing the hopes and dreams of young people everywhere is that I can't just jump on board the bandwagon and post an image of my cat Mimi and blow you guys off. It just doesn't look right. I have an iconoclastic image to uphold: I'm the guy who hates emoticons and Holly Hobby and all things cute and cuddly. Dang. Painted myself into a corner with that image, didn't I?

So I'm still trying to figure out how I can keep your interest in my blog while I forge ahead with "The Other Keys."

Maybe I'll start posting nude photographs of myself. Those certainly aren't cute by anyone's standard.

Delores Lochinvar of Bucharest, Romania writes:

I am an avid fan of your blog. Not long ago you wrote about the Metaphor Mixer you got for your 200th blog post. I'm curious -- do you have any other appliances that assist you in writing your blog?

Delores, yes, I have an electric Sarcasm Sprayer that makes my sentences drip with contempt whenever I use it. Thanks for asking.

Marvelosa Puttini of Milan, Italy writes:

I am an avid fan of your blog. I have just a few questions for you. Do American women still wear girdles? Do people in Japan act out Rocky Horror Picture Show in Japanese? Why is Edinburgh pronounced the way it is? Will I gain weight if I swallow?

Marvelosa, I'm glad you're an avid fan, but why the hell are you asking me these questions? The only one I know the answer to is the last one, and it's an emphatic no. The average ejaculation contains Vitamin C and has about 5 calories. It's good for you. P.S. Have your husband/boyfriend/priest send me a check. I also take PayPal. And let me know if you find out the answers to the other questions.

Tot Dickinson of Zabljak, Montenegro writes:

I am an avid fan of your blog. I am considering becoming an amateur dominatrix. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks in advance.

Tot, sure I do, but why am I getting sex advice questions all of a sudden? Ask Leigh Lezark for crying out loud. But just this once I suppose I can shovel some out for an avid fan.

The only real advice I have is to make sure you and your partner(s) agree on a safe word that, when spoken, immediately causes all sexual activity to cease. Personally, I try to pick really hard ones to pronounce, like syzygy or onomatopoeia, so I can finish beating the fuckers first. If I'm really into it I sometimes make them spell the word correctly before I'll stop whipping them. You're welcome.

-- Hulles


Heather Harper said...

I guess I got all the cute genes, huh? Don't think I could not NOT post kitty pics. ;)

WTG with your writing progress!

cK said...

Marveloso, please no that Hulles knows of what he speaks. It's a staple of his diet. It's actually his primary source of Vitamin C.
-Dr. Machismo Caliente

cK said...

That and goat urine, that is.
-El Cilantro

Lollie said...

There's a joke in here somewhere about Protein Bars, but I just don't have the energy tonight.

Lollie said...

I do, however, have the energy to add that I am an avid fan of your blog.

Hulles said...

Heather, you did get all the cute genes. And you go ahead and post all the kitty pics you want. You're not a professional curmudgeon. And thanks lots!

ck, ...

Lollie, thanks for adding that. I appreciate it.

kat said...

Yikes, Hulles. Between the not-posting-as-much and the recommending-leigh-lezark-for-sex-advice, I'm pretty sure you're about to be responsible for the downfall of human society as we know it.

Hulles said...

Kat, I thought the threat of nude photos of me was sufficient for that downfall. And the LL reference was just for you, of course. XOXO.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could do with a regular feature like this :-)

Hulles said...

vs, do you mean you should write one or that I should make it a regular feature? If (a), go for it, and if (b), this is probably the 5th "mailbag" I've done. I enjoy them, and could see once a month for me.

Anonymous said...

that you should make it a regular feature :-)