Monday, May 07, 2007

Just a news update for now since it's Monday and, well, it's Monday.

Thing 1: For Twin Cities locals, the Chambermaids are playing at the Turf Club on Friday (21+, cheap). I hope to go and check them out myself.

Thing 2: I finally got around to updating my blog links in the sidebar. I added some links that were overdue to be there; sorry it took so long if you're one of them. And if I'm not including you and I should be (you think), send me an email to the address in my blog profile and let me know.

Thing 3: I also finally updated the Mythos, which is always fun but it takes me a long time because I have to read through a bunch of old posts. Let me know if I got anything wrong. Just a quick reminder, the people who are listed in the Mythos are people I have mentioned in the body of my posts, not necessarily in the comments, so don't feel horrible if you're not there. Your day will come. And also, people that I have not yet met personally (that is, face to face) are only possibly real ("p.r."). See here for a fuller explanation.

Thing 4: My bomb-diggity friend Kat (who writes pink india ink) is in the process of writing a series of posts about an exhibitionist (that isn't her) that is well worth reading if you want a laugh or twelve. Go Kat.

Thing 5: Speaking of bomb-diggity, my wonderful pal visualsnark is helping me out on my story with the working title of "The Other Keys." It's turned into a bigger project than I anticipated, but I think it will be worth it. It has taken some time away from my blog entries, however. Sigh.

Thing 6:
I wish I was writing this in São Paolo. The weather here has sucked a lot lately, it's been cold and rainy. This has taken its toll on my and everyone else's spirits, I think. Of course I am assuming that the weather is better in São Paolo. Who am I kidding? I'd rather be writing this in Brazil anyway; who cares about the weather there. No snow, is all I ask. Hulles need beach. Thanks (and kisses) to Casti for the image.

Thing 7: Spoooooge mudflap. Dang. Didn't work that time either.

Thing 8: "Coisas Novas" is (hopefully) "new things" in Portuguese.

-- Hulles


Casti said...


No Brasil ou em Minnesota, faço votos que seus projetos da internet tenham um proveitoso final. Quanto ao tempo, faz sol! "Coisas do Brasil".


pj said...

I have no idea what Casti said. AltaVista Babel Fish says that she said:

In Brazil or Minnesota, I make votes that its projects of the InterNet have a beneficial end. How much to the time, it makes sun! "Things of Brazil".

Well, who the hell could disagree with that??

anne frasier said...

i can't run very fast but i'm going to the turf club show.

MERLIN said...

Greetings Hulles.

I seem to have been pre-occupied with other things for a while so I havn't had the opportunity to pop in and say "Hi". The adorable Eva has just jogged my memory (or - at least - what's left of it).

Good to hear your notebook is up and running again.

Like you I'm dreaming of warmer climes ; the weather in the UK has turned cold and wet again.

Brazil for you : Morocco for me I think.

Have fun,


Hulles said...

Casti, meus projetos seria muito mais divertimento se eu os fizesse em Brasil que eu penso. Bjs, Hulles.

pj, exactly, who could disagree? Faz sol!

Anne, I was hoping you were.

Merlin, Morocco sounds perfect; I've always wanted to travel there. Good to see the Cardiff Giant show up around these parts again.

Hulles said...

And Kat is writing a "series of posts," not a "serious of posts." Grumble mumble damn word-completion thingie...

kat said...

it's a serious series of posts. thanks for the kind words and referrals of friends. (also: i've been gawkered again! wow!)

Hulles said...

Kat, you're certainly welcome. All my friends like you lots, or at least your writing. They don't know you like I know you.... And CONGRATULATIONS! I'll have to check it out.