Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tapioca gets its own little blog entry. This is because tapioca frightens me. Other people are afraid of heights, clowns or commitment; I’m afraid of tapioca. I’ve never eaten it. I’ve seen it prepared, and that was as close to consumption as I care to get. It’s not that I’m a squeamish kind of guy, generally speaking -- I routinely prepare things to eat that would make strong men faint outright. It’s just that tapioca looks so damn bad. I once had a girlfriend who gave me a box of tapioca to keep in my pantry “so I would always have some food”. The joke’s on her: I don’t consider it food at all, so I threw it out almost immediately. There must be some use for it, however. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know what I can do with a box of tapioca (assuming I can summon the courage to buy a box). And, no, I won’t stick it up my ass: I want to use it, not store it. Can you use tapioca to repair auto bodies? Make a nice valentine for your sweetie? Create igloos for sock puppets? Let me know.

In passing, I find myself wondering if there are Tapiocans. Where do they live? What is their ethnicity? What else do they eat? Do they get along with Artesians? So much to learn about the world we live in....

- Hulles

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Cristina Cordova said...

It's possible the cat might not object to it quite as strongly as you on a bad day.