Sunday, January 28, 2007

The post below this one, The Hulles Mythos, may seem to you to be pretty self-indulgent. Like, a lot. "Is there no end to this man's hubris?" I hear you asking yourself. (And by the way, you're mispronouncing 'hubris'.) Well, the answer of course is "Nope." However, even I have to admit that it seemed excessively arrogant to me as I wrote it. But the post has a purpose: I like to refer to my previous posts when I write, and it is unrealistic to expect people new to Hulles to understand all the allusions I make. So I'm providing a reference page that I intend to keep updated for as long as I blog and I'm linking to it in the sidebar.

I thought of doing this because I've often wished for something similar when I went to other people's blogs. When I discover a new web log, generally I don't want to read every previous post the person ever wrote because it would make my lips tired. However, oftentimes knowing a little bit about these past entries would have prevented me from making a complete ass of myself when I left some ridiculously inappropriate comment on the new-to-me blog. Well okay, it wouldn't have done that, but it would have meant that the assification wasn't out of ignorance at least. So please forgive the blatant narcissism of The Hulles Mythos in the interest of helping out the newbies and the old timers like me who always forget everything.

Truth be told, I actually had a lot of fun creating the Mythos page, although it took a long time to complete it. I went through all my old posts, even the dreck ones, and pulled out stuff I thought might be useful or amusing or interesting to know. In the process I was able to recall a bunch of funny stuff I had forgotten, like poor Becky Nyang for example. In fact, the reference page is as much for me as for anyone, and should help me keep all my outrageous lies reasonably consistent if not actually credible.

Eventually my intention is to provide links in the references to the blog entries they refer to, but that will have to wait until I have more time to devote to the project. Which may be a while. In the interim, if you really want to know where a reference appeared you can search the blog using the little Blogger search gizmo in the the upper left corner.

Also, you should know that if you are a regular reader and your name isn't on the Mythos page it's only because I either haven't referred to you explicitly in a blog post yet or because I want to keep you a cherished secret. Regardless, it's only a matter of time before you appear in the Mythos if you comment regularly, so don't feel badly. Or prematurely relieved, for that matter.

And as an added incentive for you to read the sucker even if you have been hanging around these parts for a while (and bless you for that) I included a Special Bonus Section at the bottom of the Hulles Mythos page. And no, I'm not going to tell you about it here because that would reduce its Special Bonusness considerably, and we wouldn't want that, would we? No we wouldn't. So go read it.

-- Hulles

P.S. There's a new post from Saturday underneath The Hulles Mythos page called Bjork To The Future that you might otherwise miss in all the excitement. (Damn, do I come up with great titles or what?) And by the way, I had to make the Bjork entry extra-long so the weight of the Mythos post didn't smoosh it down into two or three lines.


Heather Harper said...


Stephen Blackmoore said...

Hubris. 'hyĆ¼-br&s

Function: noun
Etymology: Yiddish hubris, short for hubris-mile, from Hebrew Hulles berIth mIlAh, literally, "Bris of Hulles"

: the Jewish rite of circumcision on a cantankerous fart in Minnesota.

I would hope your hubris would have an end, though it would certainly explain all the drinking.

And this raises an interesting question. Well, interesting to me, anyway, because my life's rather dull. There's a debate raging in my household... Okay, within the confines of my too tight skull. How does one pronounce Hulles.

Is it HULL-ess? hull-ESS? Hewles? Hoo-Lees?

angie said...

Dude, you're way more organized than I'll ever be! Great idea, though. Hubris, indeed.

Hulles said...

Heather, nice try. (Glad you came by, XO)

Stephen, technically it's "HULL ace," as if it was Spanish. I think it came from my stepkids; Cristina thinks it came from my niece. Regardless, I've grown accustomed to it. And no more bris talk, I'll detumesce on the spot.

Angie, thanks. I'm pretty amazed myself that I got the thing done, although it will never be really "done" until I quit writing. I'm glad you likes the idea.

Heather Harper said...

Damn. Blame it on Sam Shephard. (I remember the line "hubris of the young" from the movie Pelican Brief. Why? I remember stupid shit.)

Hulles said...

I think Sam lives around here, either in the Twin Cities or across the river in Wisconsin. A friend of mine made out with him once (a woman, if you're curious). who cares? Happy birthday!