Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sorry for the paucity of recent posts. I'm currently in Iowa visiting my brother who's nearly as creepy as I am. You can expect a new post or eight on (possibly) Wednesday or (probably) Thursday.

I keep expecting people down here to recognize me at the local grocery store from my recent movie role, but to date no one has. Nekulturny Iowans.

I miss you guys. (Sniff.)

-- Hulles


Heather Harper said...

Oh dear, there's more than one of you? ;)

Cristina said...

All my best to the creepy brother, hulles. Send the lion my love.

Missy said...

Enjoy the creepy family visit but return soon. I'm missing your sarcastic humor.

anne frasier said...


too funny!

Lo said...

I miss you too, honeybunch.

P.S. You were marvelously creepy in CW.

teiadepalavras said...

Olá Hulles, espero te-lo de volta em breve!!!!

Beijos do Brasil


Tonya said...

Missy introduced me to your blogging world. The whiskers may have tickled your brain; however, your words of wisdom have tickled me to the bone. Can hardly wait for your return.

Mosilager said...

did either you or your brother show up in indiana a couple of days ago dressed in a UPS uniform? I could swear I saw someone who looks just like you walk into target the other day.

Hulles said...

Heather, yes, there are two, one is substandard, however, and the other one is me.

Cristina, I passed your hello on and Leo said he'd prefer it in person from you. XO.

Missy, thanks lots. I'm back now but I have to publish a couple warm-up posts before I try to hit one out of the park. Emphasis on try.

Anne, spook back at you. I hope that means something nice. I missed you.

Lo, you think I was creepy in that one, just wait. The saga continues....

Casti, damn. Next time I head to Iowa I'm going to ignore my brother and keep right on traveling to Sao Paolo. Kisses from a very chilly Minnesota.

Tonya, welcome. I just discarded about twenty responses involving whiskers and tickling that were inappropriate; now I have none left. Glad you could make it, and thanks lots.

M, nope, it wasn't me, and I have witnesses to prove it. Besides, I can't afford to go into a Target these days no matter where it's located.