Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Six hundred years after every other European male, the Scotsman must bid adieu to his purse. According to the Edinburgh Daily Scotsman,
"European politicians yesterday spelled the end of the traditional Scottish sporran by voting to ban the sale of seal products across the continent. The move will mean the manufacture and sale of sealskin sporrans will be illegal from next autumn. This will affect existing unsold stock and also the second-hand trade.

"The vast majority of sporrans worn with the traditional Scottish national dress are made from sealskin."
We would like to reassure readers that, in spite of the demise of their purses, Scotsmen will continue to wear skirts.

- Hulles


Lollie said...

...unless they are made of seals

Anonymous said...

Nada de bolsas, as focas agradecem. Beijo do Brasil e bom retorno!



Hulles said...

Lollie, I notice they didn't specify eared or earless seals. It makes a seal fan wonder, it does.

Casti, bjs do St. Paul, always.

virginia said...

I am speechless