Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Lord, what's wrong with you people? Valentine's Day bashers abound. Fine, it's a Hallmark Holiday. Fine, your last lover microwaved your goldfish and stole your hair dryer. Fine, you're married to Gilbert Gottfried. What happened to romance? Passion? Dare I say it, love?

This short photographic essay is my Valentine's Day gift to you, a bit early. It is intended to remind you that there should be more love in the world. What the hell's wrong with a day that might add a little romance to someone's life, even if that person isn't you? Or, for that matter, me?


(For you Lutherans, that's a handcuff key.)
- Hulles

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Hulles said...

If you're curious,the photo is me and Nancy, one of the great loves of my life, 10 February 1995; the lipstick imprint is from Caroline Haerdi, of whom I have written here; the valentine is from my friend Luanne; "Love Is The Drug" is a song by Roxy Music (not sure where I got the button); and the Love Kit is unopened.