Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, dang. I'm still alive, mostly, but unfortunately I have developed a disease called "neural bac-o-bititus" or in layman's terms "brain rot." I have been working feverishly eight days a week on developing a web site and no matter how much I want to I can't write in this blog and do that too. And I need to do the project since I am desperately in need of the bucks that it will bring in. Hopefully. Soon.

So I'm sorry for the continuing paucity of posts here. I thought I could do the programming and write here too, but the intense focus that the programming project requires does not allow me to do anything else writing-wise, or even give me time to check out your blogs. I'm surprised I was able to get that last sentence out, to tell you the truth. Gleep.

I won't make any more rash promises about when I'll post next, but it shouldn't be so very long. Please check back here once in a while if you can. I miss you all lots. And thanks for caring.

I shall return.

- Hulles


Jen said...

I was starting to get nervous there. So good to see some action over here!

pj said...

Yippee, Skippy! Hulles lives!

Though if you had time to check my blog you might see I'm barely limping along.....

I hate the way that jobs get in the way of life... It may soon be my sad story. ~sob~


Lollie said...

oooophhhhhh - you almost gave me whiplash. I thought I was just doing the usual daily drive-by to see if anything had maneuvered on your page. Lately I just scan for the word Sigh..., see it and move on.


There was new life here (albeit a tease, but life).

ps - I hate your new job. Quit and come back to us. *guiltguiltguilt* You don't really need to eat every day, do you?

La Espia T. said...

um gran abra├žo do Brasil!

anne frasier said...

blogging takes a huge amount of energy, which is why i've pretty much had to quit. work sucks. i look forward to the time when i can retire and putter around with my walker and oxygen tank.

word verification: seemn

i swear to god.

Ann Vremont said...

word verification


okay, it's really hbbilwis

but, you know

Lollie said...

The daily heartbreak is too much for me. Email me when you have returned and I'll put you back on my very funny people list. Hope things are moving along and going well!

H said...

I'm not counting or anything but it has been 15 days since we last heard anything from you. We hope you are alive. That is all.

Hulles said...

I miss you all very much and I can't wait to get back to writing here. Hugs to you all.